Long time blogger. First time professional. Freelance writer for hire.


Oh, Hi there!

I see that you came across my blog. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

I knew that writing was something that I enjoyed doing as a hobby and it was just a natural thing ever since I had a computer in front of me.

Shout out to all the former Xanga, MySpace, and Tumblr users!

While writing started off very personal and private thing, I wanted to make it a way to become a professional career.

Journalism. BOO. Poetry. Ehhh. Fictional. Shoot me. Non-Fiction. Well, maybe…

However, I do LOVE me some social media, content marketing, and copywriting talk.

If that’s something you want to chat or work with me on, shoot me an email at or head over to the Contact page for more information.

Latest stories

Not MIA But I Am At Medium


I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me, but I’m here to tell you all that I’m now doing a daily blog at Medium now. I’m following Tom Kuegler’s plan to just write daily and practice my writing from there. I seem to find more engagement and I’m building a community through this site, so why not give it a shot. You’ll still find some exclusive content here, but I’ll be sure to keep you...

We’re Now At The Acceptance Stage


We’re now at week 3 of my Productivity App Challenge, and I’ve actually learned a lot about myself. Since starting my challenge, I feel more productive with all the activities I’m pushing myself to do and I can see the progression improving. On top of doing this this challenge, I’ve noticed that my energy to write more has increased. Getting a bit more organized and publishing more, however, I...

Heading Tags Are Important For Your Blog Post


This was something I didn’t know in all my years in writing. Especially right on the computer. It wasn’t taught to me in college, and I’m sure that my professors didn’t know this either. Our teachers just needed to visually see that our papers are broken down into sections with a nice big font in bold as the header. BAM! Beautiful. And ready to print. However, in blog writing, it’s a little...

I Think I Hate Javascript


I seriously think I hate Javascript. Not only just Javascript, I’ve started to realize that maybe I’m not a coder. Yes, 10 years later, since attempting AP Computer Science back in high school of 2007 and practically failing the class, it’s probably not for me. As much as I love the idea of becoming a coder, it just seems that I can’t grasp the concept of it. I can appreciate and learn the...

The Productivity App Challenge


Small goals are important to bigger goals, right? I feel that attempting these smaller challenges actually pushes me further to achieve what I want for my lifetime goals. Learning how to code, learning a new language, getting back into yoga, and improving my writing. Well, how about killing all 4 birds with one stone? For the next few weeks, I’ll be documenting my progress with the...

Well, This Is It. A New Chapter.


If you have found my blog or this post specifically, congratulations! You are now witnessing a transformation of my writing career. Or perhaps, a new chapter. If you don’t know me well, head over to my About Me page to get an understanding of my personality. But if you do know me, or read my Introduction, I have been an on-and-off blogger since the Internet was born. From Xanga, MySpace...

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