The Productivity App Challenge


Small goals are important to bigger goals, right?

I feel that attempting these smaller challenges actually pushes me further to achieve what I want for my lifetime goals.

Learning how to code, learning a new language, getting back into yoga, and improving my writing.

Well, how about killing all 4 birds with one stone?

For the next few weeks, I’ll be documenting my progress with the following apps:

  1. Duolingo – finishing my Japanese course
  2. Enki – Relearning HTML & learning Java
  3. Daily Yoga – Building a better habit and strengthening my yoga poses

Disclosure: I am not getting paid for any of these apps. I’ve chosen these apps from personal preference and interest.

With all the free time that I currently have, I need to stay productive, stay healthy, and keep my brain sharp. All of these apps take about 10 – 15mins each to accomplish a daily task. That should be simple and easy to follow. NO COMPLAINTS! Then I have the rest of the day to write, bum around, or whatever I feel like doing.

Also, writing in the blog can hold me accountable for these tasks, so I look forward to look at the progress. Apparently, it doesn’t take 21 days to build a habit, but about 66 days! So I hope in the next 2 months, the habit kicks in and I can say that I’ll be a changed woman.

Wish me luck on my productive journey!

Hugs, Kisses, and Weirdnessss

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Jemellee is a freelance content creator & marketer, community manager, and social media coach. She loves finding internet hacks and sharing them around especially to the clueless wanderers of the internet. You can also find her streaming and blogging about video games and other nerdy stuff at .

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