I Think I Hate Javascript


I seriously think I hate Javascript.

Not only just Javascript, I’ve started to realize that maybe I’m not a coder. Yes, 10 years later, since attempting AP Computer Science back in high school of 2007 and practically failing the class, it’s probably not for me.

As much as I love the idea of becoming a coder, it just seems that I can’t grasp the concept of it. I can appreciate and learn the basics, but I can’t claim myself to be an engineer. It’s like me saying, I love to dance, but I am not a choreographer.

It’s just not in my nature. It doesn’t naturally flow or click immediately like it does for some people. And that’s okay. This productivity challenge is for me to find out what works for me and how can I be actively learning during my time of unemployment.

The rest of this post is my recap of the past week doing this challenge with Enki, Duolingo, and Daily Yoga. So if you’re curious about the rest of my journey, read on!


I’ve always been on-and-off with my Duolingo courses. For two weeks I’ll be on track, meeting my goals and retaining what I’ve learned.

Then I’ll just get lazy and completely forget about it. Which is bad, but at the same time, I think it’s actually good for me.

I’ve realized that repetition is how I learn. I need to do something again and again

and again

and again

and again

and again

and again

and again

to the point where I get bored of it and it becomes “muscle memory”. That’s when it’s time for me to learn something new again.

Doing this rinse-and-repeat method helps me retain my Japanese a lot more. Even though I haven’t been doing the voice lessons, I feel that reading and learning the grammar will benefit me a lot more in the long run. Sure, I’m missing a few particles here and there, but it’s a good thing that they repeat the same line or sentence until you get it right.

Right now,I’m currently struggling on how to tell time because I’m mixing up my kanji characters with it’s respective numbers. (Does TinyCards have that available yet?)

I had a beautiful streak in which I’ve wagered 5 lingots (that’s some Duolingo currency) to maintain my streak. Then, of course, on Sunday the last day, I didn’t practice my Japanese and lost the streak.


Welp, as long as I’m learning and retaining this knowledge, I think that’s all that matters.


Repetition is my way of learning and retaining it. Just starting all over again and then getting to the point where it becomes second nature to me. If I keep this up, then I should be able to complete the Japanese Duolingo course by the end of the year or towards the end of January 2018.


I found Enki while I was just browsing through my Google Play Store and I loved the idea of 5-minute exercises, similar to what Duolingo promotes themselves to be.

After downloading and signing up, I enrolled in the HTML and Javascript courses since I figured they go hand and hand together.

I’m using the same rinse-and-repeat method that I did for Duolingo, so I’m going back to basics by relearning all the things I knew about HTML. It’s quite fun in recollecting my days of tweaking code on my Myspace site.

But with Javascript, it’s a whole new world to me and I was hoping that it would be an easy language to tackle.

Boy, I was wrong.

I’ve already lost interest on day 3. I started on a lesson but then never completed it for the rest of the day, nor the next day. It wasn’t until the push notification reminded me to get back to studying is when realized that I was missing two days.


I really wanted to learn Javascript, but it doesn’t grab my attention as the other coding languages do. I know coding takes a lot of practice and mental work but since there’s so many different languages, I just gotta find the right one that will open the doors for me.

I’ve already started the Python course, but it looks like I may need to actually pull up my PC to follow along since it said to open up a new terminal. (Thanks, Learn Ruby The Hard Way for teaching me that!).

Daily Yoga

I loooove this app. Not only am I finally stretching out my stiff limbs out, I’m doing it every day, which is something I have never done before. I’ve always done one or two yoga sessions every summer, but never practiced it on a daily basis.

I take about 15mins to 20mins of my morning to be zen. Meditating with the sounds of my space heater or the cars rolling down the street in the background and I’m not distracted by it.

I was never a gym person because the idea of lifting weights never intrigued me. However, yoga just requires your balance, mental state, and breathing. Something that I believe is easier to manage.

If I keep this up towards the end of 2017, I might consider purchasing a yearly membership so I can activate all the other premium workshops that’s available.


I think I finally got rekindled my love for yoga through this app and doing small daily workouts will push my boundaries to go further with it.

After seeing how I stiff I was and I can barely touch the ground, I want to be able to prove myself that I can finally be fit and be more in shape like when I was in high school.

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