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This was something I didn’t know in all my years in writing. Especially right on the computer.

It wasn’t taught to me in college, and I’m sure that my professors didn’t know this either. Our teachers just needed to visually see that our papers are broken down into sections with a nice big font in bold as the header.

BAM! Beautiful. And ready to print.

However, in blog writing, it’s a little different. Will Tang from TravelBlogBreakthrough.com had the same issue by increasing the font size and putting it in bold too when he first started blogging.

In the same light as Tang, as I was learning about freelance writing and blog writing, did you know that you don’t have to manually increase the font size as your header? Did you know there’s an easier way to do it?

By just styling your headers?

It’s literally been there the whole time!

Just look at your Google Docs!

screenshot of the headings sections of google docs

And Microsoft Word!

screenshot of headings section in microsoft word

And right inside your WordPress editor!

screenshot of headings section in wordpress

And guess what it does?

It structures your writing!

Yes, blog posts need structure for your readers to understand what you’re trying to tell them. Just like writing your midterm essays for school. Remember the good ole days when you had to make an outline draft like this:

  1. Intro
  2. Body
    1. Point 1
    2. Point 2
    3. Point 3
  3. Conclusion

That’s basically what you’re doing with the heading tags, you’re properly breaking down your posts into these sections.

But what’s so important in using headings tags in my blog post?

The importance of styling and using these heading tags is because it’s useful for your SEO.

When Google is scanning through the posts, it will basically say, “Hey! That’s an important keyword, maybe this is post is relevant!”

If you don’t believe me, then check this quote from Yoast.com about their post about heading tags:

You are going to ask this: what value do headings have for SEO? Well, we feel that the value is less than it was, but headings still help Google to grasp the main topics of a long post. As mentioned, Google might scan your post as well and why not make that as easy as possible

It also makes copying and pasting to WordPress so much easier

Trust me! If you’re like me and like to use a different text editor first, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word, before putting into the WordPress, styling the headers will make the transferring seamless.

When you paste it in your editor, it will look a bit funny at first. But hit ‘Preview’ and see how it looks on your blog’s theme. Looks beautiful, right?

That’s because the CSS code will format it the way it needs to be since you used the heading tags. Neat, right?

Was this information new to you or more helpful?

Doing this has made my blog posts so much more cleaner and even easier when I outline my posts beforehand. Let me know in the comments below how it works for you!

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