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2018 Is The Year I Make Things Happen


Screw the New Years’ resolutions and start making actionable goals. It’s quite motivating and inspiring to see my peers making goals for themselves. On top of that, they’re doing their best to stay accountable for it. So why not make a post about about my goals too? If you’re aren’t aware, I currently run this site, and my Medium site. I was having...

Not MIA But I Am At Medium


I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me, but I’m here to tell you all that I’m now doing a daily blog at Medium now. I’m following Tom Kuegler’s plan to just write daily and practice my writing from there. I seem to find more engagement and I’m building a community through this site, so why not give it a shot. You’ll still find some exclusive content here, but I’ll be sure to keep you...

Jemellee at Sugarloaf Mountain
Hi! *waves* The name's Jemellee!