2018 Is The Year I Make Things Happen


Screw the New Years’ resolutions and start making actionable goals.

It’s quite motivating and inspiring to see my peers making goals for themselves. On top of that, they’re doing their best to stay accountable for it. So why not make a post about about my goals too?

If you’re aren’t aware, I currently run this site, jempanada.com and my Medium site. I was having trouble planning out the goals for each site and now I think I finally have a clear idea of how to do it.


This will strictly be my writer’s platform. Any article that I publish will be showcased here. Even within gaming, marketing, or any other topic. I’m still figuring out how can I start monetizing this site, but I’ll get there eventually.

  • Publish 2 posts per month
  • Build a portfolio page
  • Pitch to 2 – 3 major publications
  • TBD – start a newsletter (I’m already creating so much content we’ll shall see if that’s on the horizon)

Jempanada.com / Twitch

I think I’ve settled on the idea that I shouldn’t use Jempanada as a pseudonym for my writing.  It’ll just be the name and title for my streaming related content as I’m building this blog as a resource for these smaller Twitch streamers. And also a place to obnoxiously fangirl because that’s not a great look if I do it on my other site.

  • Publish 2 posts per month (guide, tip, or news)
  • Stream 2 days per week (Minimum of 4 hours)
  • Build my PC


This platform will just be my daily thoughts or whatever I feel like talking about. I talk about a lot of things, and I hate niching down. I know that’s the main purpose of becoming a successful blogger or freelance writer, but I seriously can’t help but writing and publishing everything down. With Medium, it’s easy to find the right audience if I do the proper tagging. If they like how I write about any topic, then I’ve accomplished my goal.

  • Publish 2-3 short posts weekly. 500 words minimum
  • At least 1 post in a publication each month

To accomplish all of this, I know I need to plan it out accordingly, but let’s take it one step at a time, shall we?

What are your resolutions goals for 2018?

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Jemellee is a freelance content creator & marketer, community manager, and social media coach. She loves finding internet hacks and sharing them around especially to the clueless wanderers of the internet. You can also find her streaming and blogging about video games and other nerdy stuff at Jempanada.com .

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