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Need some fun and entertaining content for your website?

Selfie at Sugarloaf Mountain

Hiii! My name is Jemellee, Jem for short. Yes, just like the 80’s cartoon.

I am a freelance writer for hire.

And I like to write about sooo many things. Things such as gaming, entertainment, money saving, and self-improvement. They’re usually based on my own experience and providing helpful tips that you can apply to your own brand or site.

But not only do I like to write, I keep content marketing, SEO, and copywriting in mind to bring in traffic in my articles.

If that’s something that you need help in, then allow me to provide you unique written content for your site!

Pssst, BTW. I’m triple HubSpot Certified. Inbound Marketing | Content Marketing | Email Marketing

So if you’re interested in my work, email me and let’s talk!

Actually, I need help with my social media!

Not a problem!

I can assist you with your social media accounts. I’ve been using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since their first releases so I’ve seen it evolve over the years.

With my 12+ years of experience in Customer Service/Experience and technical knowledge of social media, I can help manage, respond, and strategize your social content. I managed accounts like Jeepney Filipino Gastropub, Scout Comics, and Games For Change to grow and engage with their followers.

How did I do that?

I can capture each brand’s voice and use the appropriate #hashtags to extend the reach.

So if you need someone to manage your account while you focus on other important things like your business’ latest product launch or answering your clients’ emails, shoot me a message for more information.

But what else do you do?

Well, when I’m not creating content or strategizing them, I like to binge watch Netflix shows, eating chocolate chip cookies, and annoying my two pets, Shadow & Pretzel, a black cat and a bearded dragon.

I also love to stream and play video games like Destiny 2 and Fortnite under my gamertag, Jempanada. I also provide #TwitchTips for new & struggling streamers so they don’t have to rage on their equipment.

Jemellee at Sugarloaf Mountain
Hi! *waves* The name's Jemellee!